Android App Dev. Journey

This series of post will follow my journey into a full first cycle of an app for Android using Firebase as the back end. My expertise is limited, and some of the solutions selected may not be ideal. As mentioned this is a first pass the app development cycle; optimization and updates may be part of the last section of this series. Here are the sections this series will cover: The SetupHow to start an Android app development?Firebase as a back-end solution- tools and setup.Facebook setup.Simple UX and UI. DevelopmentCreate activities — Use of Constraint Layout — Design view and XML files.Add a Login solution to my Android project. Bottom Navigation for Android.How to create a ListView / Recycler View. Read data from Firebase.Add a ScrollView to a pre-existing Constraint layout. Write Data to Firebase. Beginner Recycler View with different item layouts.How to separate tasks from the main thread. DeploymentCreate Android Dev accountCreate Android Listing Google Play Console BasicsReview…
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